OCD treatment
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Created with top OCD experts
We work with OCD specialists who have treated thousands of patients, managed treatment clinics, and written books on mental health conditions.
Dr. Jenny Yip
Clinical Advisor
Award-winning author, OCD specialist, Director of the Renewed Freedom Center
Dr. Kevin Chapman
Clinical Advisor
Clinical advisory board member of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, OCD Specialist
Taylor Newendorp
Clinical Advisor
President and Founder of Chicago Counseling Center, OCD specialist, Member of OCD Midwest
We’re helping people worldwide
“Whenever I feel OCD creeping back into my life, I have an immediate support tool. It’s been a game changer.”
— Jack
College Student
Our promise
When you use the NOCD app, it generates data. We secure and anonymize this data and provide you with 54 metrics about your progress. We also use the anonymized data to develop better tools and resources for everyone's mental health.
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